One hundred years after he led the Australian Corps to decisive victories in 1918, Sir John Monash's old School, Scotch College - which he always loved and respected for the excellent education it afforded him - commissioned a scholarship bearing his name - the General Sir John Monash Scholarship.

In so doing, the School honours the man who shaped the course of Australian history as no other. He is our finest Old Scotch Collegian.

While palpable reminders of Monash abound at Scotch - Monash Drive, Monash House, the foundation stone of Memorial Hall, and the Monash Gates through which Scotch boys pass every school day - there is, perhaps, no more fitting tribute to a man so closely entwined with Scotch's values than to commemorate his remarkable achievements through this scholarship.

Born in 1865 to Prussian migrants, John Monash arrived at Scotch in 1877. A student of remarkable ability who overcame cultural challenges and adversity, Monash's relationship with, and affection for, Scotch was to continue throughout his life. In his final year of school, aged just 16, he was equal Dux of Scotch.

Monash's outstanding leadership, creative originality and personal magnetism as commander of the Australian Corps in World War I challenged military thinking. His capacity to identify problems, find practical solutions, and get the best out of people was exceptional.

A scholar, philanthropist, man of vision and enterprise whose spirit lives on strongly at Scotch, Sir John Monash was a passionate believer in the power of education. This scholarship reflects that belief and his love of his School.

Scotch is seeking to raise an initial capital fund of $750,000 to endow in perpetuity one full academic scholarship.

Donations to the Scotch College Foundation Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.


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Scotch College currently houses its Archives offices, working areas and storage in two near-century-old houses in Morrison Street, in buildings long recognised as being incompatible with these purposes.

As the oldest surviving secondary school in Victoria, with possibly the best archival collection of the APS schools, Scotch wants to preserve these aspects of its heritage in a facility that better protects, reflects and honours the quality and breadth of the collection.

The extensive redevelopment of the current site at 2 Morrison Street will ensure the building is both fire safe and temperature regulated, to guard against potential damage and the deterioration of the collection. It will also enable the memorabilia to be displayed in a more accessible and visually attractive way to all members of the School community.


The relocation of the OSCA Offices from the Randall Building across to 3 Morrison St will improve OSCA’s capabilities and profile, and its capacity to engage with members of the Scotch Family. More inviting spaces for our Old Boys and OSCA affiliates will ease the demand on existing School facilities and enable OSCA to better serve the needs of its constituency.

The upgraded and expanded Archives Museum and OSCA House, each with purpose-built, aesthetically pleasing facilities, is a much anticipated project. The Foundation aims to raise $1.5M to bring it to fruition. To date we have secured $1 million of funding towards the project’s goal.

Donations to the Scotch College Archives-Museum Fund are tax deductible.

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The Keon-Cohen Dining Hall - A new place to Meet and Eat at Scotch!

The Senior School precinct will form a marketplace of collision and engagement for boys and staff at the very heart of our school. It will be a home for the boys, their aspirations, conversations and collaborations. A place of enterprise, where opportunities are identified and explored, and solutions refined and brought to bear for the greater good.

The redeveloped Keon-Cohen Dining Hall will form the hub of this precinct. Boys and teachers will gather to meet and eat, and share news and ideas, as they take time away from routines and let their minds wander to all that might be possible.

The project is scheduled to commence in August 2018 and will be open for business in early 2020.


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Four decades of outstanding service to Scotch concluded in 2017, when Michael Robinson AO ('55) retired as President of the Scotch College Foundation.

A towering presence at Scotch, Michael Robinson holds the unique distinction of having served as President of the Old Scotch Collegians' Association (1989), President of the Scotch College Foundation (1993-96 and 2008-17) and Chairman of the School Council (1996-2006).

To honour Michael's exceptional, lifelong commitment to Scotch, the Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of the Michael Robinson Boarding Scholarship. In so doing, the Scotch Family recognises the significance of Michael's 10 years as a Scotch boarder in forming his relationship with the School.

Michael was first a day boy, and then a boarder from 1946 to 1955 - initially in McMeckan House and then in Arthur Robinson House. This scholarship, endowed in Michael's name, gives testimony to his affection for his time on the Hill, and his regard for the boarding experience. In his own words, "Boarders always felt they were the backbone of the School!'; and there must always be a place for 'boys from the bush'.

This scholarship acknowledges Michael's unparalleled contribution to Scotch, and the practical difficulties often associated with life on the land.

Scotch is seeking to raise an initial capital fund of $650,000, to fund one boarding scholarship in perpetuity, and enable boys from rural or regional Australia, whose families would otherwise not have the resources, to attend Scotch. All donations to the Scotch College Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.


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Opportunities. Experiences. Understanding.

The Scotch College Indigenous Scholarship Program has made a positive difference to the lives of all Scotch boys since 2004.

Our innovative approach to community partnerships, academic support and mentorship enables indigenous scholarship students to develop the skills, resilience and confidence to walk in both worlds of contemporary Australia, making empowered choices in their lives.

Your support will ensure that this successful and inspiring program continues to enrich our school culture and create a lasting impact.

Indigenous Scholarship Program

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At Principal’s Discretion YES

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